Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital marketing is a career that has plenty of room for techs, creatives, and business people. There are so many avenues that you can follow; it’s best to focus on one or two things that you do best, then you can always learn more from there. If you have a business or communications background, you may want to consider going into management.

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Why Choose Our Training Program?

Our pursuit to provide informational techniques through routine progress has done wonders for those who’ve taken our training program. Besides that, here’s why you should choose our training program.

  • Our teaching methodology is very precise. We use the most dynamic methods for our training program based on suitable levels of learning. These methods include many creative follow-ups, practical analysis, and applicable content to brush up the concepts learned every day.
  • Every individual or organization differs from one another. Similarly, our programs and topics are different from each other. These topics coincide with the objective or the goal of the client. Thus, we customize programs based on what the client is looking for.
  • We understand grasping some of the ideas and concepts of Digital Marketing Strategy can be difficult for some individuals. Thus, we take a careful look at every individual’s progress rate. Our professional educators use advanced approaches to clear concepts. We also make sure every individual is comfortable in having discussions with our professors without any hesitation.
  • We do not delay our training programs. This implies that our classes start and end right on time, be it face-to-face or online training. We give importance to time management and keep the classes optimized with regular learning and assessments.
  • Lastly, we maintain complete transparency of the training course, enrollment fees, and additional courses regarding Digital marketing programs. For any assistance records, you can always reach us within the time schedule provided

Topics To Be Covered

Search Engine Optimization

  • Introduction To SEO, Basics of Indexing & Crawling, Organic & Paid Searches, On-page/Off-page SEO, Anatomy of Search Results, Snippets, Basics of HTML and XML

  • Keyword Researching, META tags, Javascript, CSS, URL architecture, Schema Markup, Link building, backlinks, Google Analytics.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Basics of SEM, Google Adwords, Google Network, Adword terminologies, Types of Campaigns, Ad Format, Ad extensions, Landing pages, Keyword Matches.

  • Mobile Ad Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, Youtube marketing, Youtube Ad Format. Youtube Analytics, Video Campaign Optimization Tips.

Social Media Marketing

Introduction, Facebook Business Marketing, Twitter Business marketing, Quora Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategies. Instagram Business Marketing, Online Reputation Management & SM Tools.

Email Marketing

Deliverability, Effective Email Contents, Customer Acquisition Strategies, Effective Creative Introducing, Nurturing & Automation, Resources on Situational Analysis, Progress Updates, Introduction to Automation, Email Automation

Inbound Marketing

Techniques on Attracting potential clients, converting prospects through audience analysis, landing page, conversion optimization, Lifecycle emails.

Web Analytics

Introduction, Google Analytics, Content Performance Analysis, Visitor Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Actionable Insight, Social CRM, Digital Analytics, Platform Principles.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads, Campaign Objectives, Facebook pages, Connecting with the audience, building Brand Awareness, Facebook Pixels, Online sales, generating leads.

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Personality Development

We have the pursuit of implanting the concept of personality development among our students so that they can have a firm mental growth. Through years of practical experience, we’ve come across different kinds of students, having different ways of approaching varied aspects.
After carefully assessing every student’s approach time over time, we’ve structured a training session for their personality development. Through our personality development program, our students grasp the ideas of logical reasoning, rational thinking, become better at their communication skills, and formulate useful strategies based on their actions.
We also make sure that through our program, their inner and out strength can become an advantage for moving forward in life with positivity. The following are the key points we focus on improving their personality development.

We make sure that through our personality development program, students can set an aim in life. Despite having several aims, our professional’s trainers help students analyze their career and dreams, work on it step-by-step and formulate strategies to reach their goals.

Our training program consists of creative methods that are enriched with unstoppable knowledge. We make sure our students find passion in gaining more knowledge, be it general knowledge, newspapers, the latest trends, or other popular books.

We believe that confidence is the key to success. Thus, we do not impose any burden on our students and help them overcome every bit of failure and frustration. Rather, we encourage them and motivate them to remain hopeful and optimistic through confidence.

What do our Students say About Us?

Our goal is to cover as many topics as we can under Digital Marketing for better learning

“The courses are very much in detail in Digital Marketing Skills. And, also cover many important topics that I find very interesting. I am happy to join the training program as I am learning more than I thought I would.”

-Akash Kumar Sharma, Seo

“The professional trainers of the Irvine Institute of Digital Marketing are highly skilled and very friendly. I can easily understand the topics. I am glad to be a part of this learning opportunity. And, I would definitely recommend my friends, who are willing to be an entrepreneur.”

-Pragya Bhadouria, Content Writer

“At first I was sceptical about losing touch of work. But my professional trainers helped me understand what I could not. Now, I have my website ranking on the first page of the search engines. Glad that I joined the course.”

-Anamika, Wordpress Developer

Our Achievements

After years of hard work and curating the essence of Digital Marketing Training Programs, the Irvine Institute of Digital Marketing is passionately committed to transforming ideas into actions. As of now, our company has delivered many training programs and workshops in the early years of establishment. These training workshops increase the social acceptance of the Irvine Institute of Digital Marketing. We’ve also received various awards and certifications for conducting thorough routined workshops and short classes. This has also been influential for our growth under the Media field. Thus, with progress, our media house has expanded with an increase in our clientele.

Batches, Training, and Placements

Our training programs consist of various topics that we cover, which is divided based on batches and syllabus that needs to be covered. Likewise, we’ve carefully made sections based on the individuals who join with us from various sectors. The benefit of different batches gives you the opportunity to enrol at odd times of the year in case you missed the earlier notices for enrollment. Meanwhile, our training programs start from the basic level for your ease of understanding and we provide guaranteed placement.

Recent Placements

Based on our batch, we provide our placement to big companies of the business, Digital Media, and IT sectors. Recently, the Irvine Institute of Digital Marketing has provided placements to our fresh batches based on their skills and area of interest. Many students got both national as well as international placements and the remaining batches are currently preparing for placement through practical tests modules.